Friday, 1 July 2011

'Amnipur: An Amaris Sci-fi Short Story' - for the spark of creative imagination that lies within us all...

This is a weirdly 'coming full circle' moment for me. The first short story I ever wrote was 'Amnipur':) Can't really remember where and when I wrote it, but I do remember being hugely excited over penning down this crazy story that kept spinning around in my head! I'm so glad I did.

A heady mix of SF and Fantasy, 'Amnipur' is a gorgeous foray into the conflict between reality and the imagination - a nod to just how important it can be to realise one's nature as a creature of imagination before creativity slips you by forever under the dull demands our real world can thrust on us.

Only, I was a pretty inexperienced a writer when this story first came to me - though I loved the idea behind it, I could never quite get the vision in my head down on paper with the right atmosphere...

Until now:D

Ah, I can't wait to launch this bit of glorious storytelling out into the world and hope it finds its appreciative audience. I really love this particular Amaris Short and want it to travel as far and wide as it can:) So, here it is, my lovely 'Amnipur: An Amaris Science Fiction Short Story'! I so hope you love it as much as I do:)

In Amnipur, cities and science and libraries are built on the theft of other species’ evolution. But when everything you do is a mere echo of someone else’s hard-won culture, what can an imaginative Amnipurian contribute to his quiet and efficient copycat world?

Perhaps the newly discovered species called ‘humans’ holds the answer ...

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