Sunday, 3 July 2011

'The Devil's Advocate: An Amaris Paranormal/Suspense Short Story'

It's time for the final Amaris Short that you'll be seeing for some time:) Yes, I'll finally be working full time on my fantasy/romantic fantasy novels after today.

But don't fear - if short stories are your thing, do note that I plan to release collections of all my Amaris Shorts in some fun combinations. Readers who've been waiting for something heavy to sink their teeth into, you'll soon be able to purchase sets of short stories that promise an entertaining ride indeed!

Do watch out for the Amaris Shorts collections, which will be out very soon:)

Till then, feast your eyes and mind on my mysterious 'The Devil's Advocate: An Amaris Paranormal/Suspense Short Story' and may you walk away wondering if he's been whispering in your willing ears all this while without you suspecting a thing:)

When a devilish minion starts whispering sweet, fatal nothings into a weary ear, there seems to be only one bloody way out of the mess that Penny’s life has become.

And the Devil’s Advocate is absolutely convinced he’ll make her take it ...

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