Friday, 27 April 2012

Mesmer (Book #1: Sanctuary) is now available on Kindle!

After much blood, sweat and tears - well, no blood, I'll admit:) - it's time to announce the unexpectedly early release of the first book in my Three Towers Fantasy Series!:)

This story has been buzzing around in my head for far too long; full of sword and sorcery, romance and adventure. I never thought I'd complete it, much less complete it well. But this year has been a good one for the writer in me. I've spruced up my craft and begun to learn what the business of publishing is all about. And what with the advent of indie publishing (in the self-publishing sense), what better time could there be to release my 'Beauty and the Beast'-esque fantasy adventure in a tidy little trilogy?:)

All fingers are crossed that readers find my lovely book and enjoy it!

Without further ado, please welcome the first book in the Mesmer Trilogy - Sanctuary!

A hidden kingdom in a forbidden forest. A realm she can’t escape without the trust of a mage.

But trust and magic make complicated allies – when time is running out.

When Lea escapes ruthless pursuers within the shadows of a dark forest, she unwittingly stumbles upon an enchanted kingdom. But Verlaine is not the sanctuary it appears to be. And when its magi sovereign refuses to let her leave, her encounters with strange sorcery and malicious fey become the least of Lea’s problems.

Soon, Lea must find a way to outwit Gabriel Amarinth’s web of enchantment without betraying who – and what – she really is; and before a traitor can destroy all she’s fought to protect in her beloved home kingdom of Lorien.

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Sharkbytes said...

Congrats! Nice cover too. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

Isabella Amaris said...

Thanks, Sharkbytes:) Will pop by your blog shortly.