Sunday, 29 May 2011

'The Shoplifter Never After' - a short story for fans of psychological thrillers, mysteries and suspense

If you're life's pretty busy and you miss reading stories but just can't invest the time needed to finish a novel in one sitting (or even a week!), short stories might be just what you need - a great story to read in spare moments, with the knowledge that you'll probably be able to finish it before the boss/client/child/anyone (online obligations included:D) calls for you!

For this reason - and the fact that I actually enjoy reading and writing short stories:D - a new era has begun in this Amaris's writerly world....*Ahem*

Yes, you've guessed it, of course! I'm releasing delicious, entertaining little short stories under the easily recognisable label 'Amaris Shorts'!:)

To start things off, have a peek at the mysterious and suspenseful 'The Shoplifter Never After: An Amaris Suspense Short Story':

The wits of a therapist are pitched against the guile of a client hiding the truth behind her thefts of random odd objects, in a psychological thriller with an unexpected twist.

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Cheers and good night to all:)

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