Wednesday, 29 June 2011

'Junction: An Amaris Suspense Short Story' - for all the times when reality bites!

Life can be messy and threatening and uncertain... especially when it comes to those difficult, bizarre little moments that bring out the very worst facets human nature holds within it - all those hidden bits of our being that most of us would have preferred never to have discovered at all.

Because, after all, to confront our innermost selves might force us to choose between what we want and what's right.

And no one really wants to be faced with such a choice.

Especially when you're stuck at the perilous... 'Junction: An Amaris Suspense Short Story':
Would you betray your most sacred ideals to protect what's yours? A yuppie racing to work in her dented little second-hand car discovers the answer to this question when she is faced with an unusual sight, at the Junction ...

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