Sunday, 19 June 2011

'Dreamer: An Amaris Suspense Short Story' - for fans of suspense, magical realism and fat little therapists:)

If you've read my Amaris Short, 'The Shoplifter Never After: An Amaris Suspense Short Story', you might have hoped for more of that odd, round little therapist and his one to one conversations with eccentric characters; at least, I hope you wanted more:)

If so *drumroll*, here it is -  'Dreamer: An Amaris Suspense Short Story', a sequel to the infamous Shoplifter Never After is now up for sale on and Amazon's Kindle Store:

When the world refuses to accept who you are, but the universe you dream up to replace it becomes more real to you than it should be, what do you do? Perhaps only a certain, rotund therapist can find an answer to that burning question...

With elements of magical realism, suspense and just a hint of romance, this is one Amaris Short you won't want to miss!

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